About the Event

The Smoking Cessation & Health Conference (SCaH) is the dedicated event for professionals working in smoking cessation and related services in the UK, that focuses on how to reduce the burden of smoking related death and disease for all sections of the population.

The inaugural SCaH conference was held in February 2020, as a one day live event in Birmingham.  The Programme hosted local and national speakers including Public Health England and NHS England and welcomed stakeholders from across  smoking cessation fields.  From commissioners to practitioners and researchers to policy makers, SCaH set out with a mission to drive down smoking rates and achieve the Smokefree ambition of a 5% smoking prevalence by 2030.

Approximately £29.7 million will be filtering down to your local transformations budgets across England very soon, to help us reach priority groups whether treatment for tobacco dependence to all in-patients, including mental health or with separate pathways for pregnant smokers and their partners.

The Long Term Plan funding is not ring-fenced, so are you talking with your local Integrated Care Systems to secure this money…and are you ready?

In order to accelerate progress towards Smokefree 2030, we need to make up for lost time during the pandemic and find the innovative solutions to reach each and every smoker.  This is about prevention at scale and pace to save 500,000 lives over the next decade. We hope you share our ambition and are able to join us for SCaH 2021.

The first SCaH conference was initated in 2019 by Heidi Croucher who was saddened by the loss of a dedicated UK meeting point for professionals working in smoking cessation and related services.  While the UK has taken a global leadership position on tobacco control and continues to make bold in-roads to drive down smoking prevalence and the associated death and disease burden, it is clear that there is still considerable work to do.

If we are to achieve the UK’s Smokefree 2030 ambition and lower smoking prevalence to 5% of the population, it is vital that we reach further in to different communities and move smoking cessation and prevention to the top of the health agenda.  To do this, we need to utilise all tools available, share our experiences and challenge inequalities in provision.

SCaH is a collaborative project and has brought together like minded people and professionals to develop the event and build a homeland for the smoking cessation community.  We are grateful for the time and commitment from our informal steering board and thank them for their dedication and support to grow the SCaH community for all.

Due to the support of our Sponsors, we are delighted to make SCaH Virtual 2021 free to attend.


  • Policymakers
  • Scientific / Research / Academic communities
  • Primary & secondary care commissioners
  • Medical/healthcare practitioners
  • Public health professionals
  • Stop smoking specialist services


  • Licensed Pharmacotherapy
  • Tools for the job
  • Non medicalised alternatives to smoking
  • Bridging the gap in health inequalities
  • “The long term plan” securing and using the funding
  • Reaching smokefree 2030