Booking/Cancellation T's &C's

All bookings, however received, constitute a legally binding agreement between Smoking Cessation and Health (SCaH) organisers (Smooth Event Management Ltd) and the delegate and are subject to the terms and conditions. The organisers reserve the right to refuse a booking or admission to the event in its absolute discretion.

Paid for tickets can be cancelled 3 weeks before the SCaH event.  After this date, the ticket can be transferred to another delegate within your organisation, but is not refundable.  Cancellations and substitutions must be made in writing and will be acknowledged in writing.  Cancellations made after this date will be charged the full invoice amount.  The refund will be processed one month after the event, less the applicable taxes and bank handling charges. Delegate Substitutions may be made at any time, but must be made in writing and will be acknowledged in writing.  Two delegates may not ‘share’ a place at the event.

Payment of all fees and charges must be received in full before the event.  If payment has not been received prior to the event, delegates will be asked to guarantee payment by credit/debit card on the day.

It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organiser to alter the content, timings or virtual event platform.  In the event of a network or power outage, or incident beyond the organisers control, that prevents the running of the event, or prevents a delegate accessing the event, all pre-recorded content will be available on-demand immediately and for 6 months.  Delegates have the facility to add questions in advance of the Event, and are advised to do so if their internet connection is not stable, in order to ensure the question is seen – questions will be addressed at the Chair’s discretion.  All live sessions will also be recorded and added to the platform within 48 hours.

All panel sessions are recorded and will be available on demand – by attending the Event, the delegate consents that any recordings made which may include questions they asked, are able to be used in any news articles or programmes, web-casts, inclusion on web sites and for any other purpose(s) that the organizers affiliates and/or representatives deem fit.

Anyone attending the summit may not take part in any online canvassing of other delegates or objectionable behaviour or any activity which may disrupt the Event or cause a nuisance to delegates or speakers.

 Data Protection and Contact Preferences

We operate conscientiously within the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and other electronic marketing legislation. We work within the principles of fair data processing, namely:

  • Using information in a way that people would reasonably expect.
  • Thinking about the impact of our processing.
  • Being transparent and ensuring that people know how we’ll use their information.

Your data will not be passed on to any other third party, however the organisers reserve the right to send you details of other related events and publications in the future.

Please click here for GDPR and Privacy Statement.

 Admissions Policy 

SCaH is open to health care workers, government, charities, NGO’s, private industry/business, academia, and international media.

The proceedings for the day will be recorded (Audio and Video). Should you not wish to be filmed, please inform the organiser, prior to booking your place.

All attendees will respect the direction of the Chair throughout the proceedings and will abide by principles of professional conduct and courtesy at all times. Any behaviour that is deemed to be nonconstructive or disruptive to the proceedings will not be tolerated.  The organisers reserve the right, at their own discretion, to ask any individual who continually disrupts the proceedings to leave the venue. In such an instance there will be no recourse for compensation against the costs both direct and indirect of attending.