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Evapo is a top 3 chain with over 45 stores in the UK and has a leading e-commerce platform, www.evapo.co.uk. Our overall mission is to help smokers quit smoking and switch to vaping by providing an affordable… Read more »


We understand that the NHS is facing a number of challenges, including the rising cost of healthcare and the need to reduce smoking rates. That’s why we’re committed to providing our clients with high quality at low… Read more »

Unite – Mercateo Procurement Portal

Mercateo UK Ltd (part of Unite Network SE) delivers the Mercateo Procurement Portal, Europe‚Äôs leading B2B and public sector e-procurement platform. Our compliant marketplace offers millions of listed articles from hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers including SMEs, diverse… Read more »

Totally Wicked

Totally Wicked has been providing alternatives to smoking since 2008. We have a network of over 150 fully branded dedicated UK shops, as well as a nationally significant e-commerce business. We also have 2 large wholesale operations… Read more »

Liberty Flights

We work with Smoking Cessation Services, Local Councils and NHS Trusts and Hospitals to provide guidance, support and products to help people stop smoking tobacco. Our experience is broad and includes working with secure facilities, maternity services,… Read more »